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Reasons why loons are cool

Loons are a classic bird of Northwoods lakes and they frequent Lake Nokomis!


The loon is considered a symbol of wilderness; its rich yodeling calls, heard day or night, are characteristic sounds of summer in the Northwoods!

The name 'Loon' refers to the loon's poor ability to walk on land. Hey! Sometimes it happens after you've had a few, nobody's judging! :)


They run on water!

They require lakes with enough surface area for their flapping-and-running takeoffs across the water.

They are expert anglers!

Just like many who fish Lake Nokomis... and a few brothers who think they are as well! 

They sound cool! 

They have four distinct calls which they use to communicate with their families and other loons; these are the tremolo, wail, yodel and hoot. The tremolo is also known as the "crazy laugh." ... It is used by the male to defend his territory!


They have red eyes!

The red color helps them to see underwater, filtering out blue and green light. It is also thought that the brilliant red color helps them to attract other loons;)

Maybe now when you hear that distinct loon call from across the lake you'll think of us, and stop in for a visit!

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