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Welcome to the Tilted Loon Saloon!

(Across from the famous Windmill Ice Cream Shoppe!)

Centrally located on Lake Nokomis, Tomahawk WI, with beautiful lake views!

We are family owned since 2018! However, one of us owns a bar a few minutes away called Holly's... maybe you've heard of it:)  Family brought us to Tomahawk about 20 years ago, and we all fell in love with the location.

Where did the name come from? We are legacy Ducks Unlimited members, hence our love of the great outdoors, and not only are loons native to Wisconsin, but they just sound cool and look a little crazy fun with their red eyes, i.e. "tilted", hence the name Tilted Loon....

Why "Saloon"? Why not y'all! 

So come on over, enjoy the great views, food and drinks with friends from our spacious dining room and outside decks.

Kick back, relax, and watch a game on our large screen TV's...

Bring the family over for lunch or dinner...

Take the boat or snowmobile across the lake...

Party with us on the weekends...

Hang with us after work....

Oh! We have gas for your boat and sleds as well! (The only place on Lake Nokomis that does!)

We guarantee this will be your new favorite hangout or vacation spot!


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Dedicated to wetlands conservation

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